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WE are waiting for YOU!
Welcome to Grace Community Church!
Grace Community is a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, practice what we learn, and in the process, we grow together in Christ.Grace Community seeks to be a pillar in our community where people can come, join in, and participate in a variety of ways. We want to be THAT church in Lombard that makes people feel welcomed, loved, and like they belong.

WE are here for YOU!
Whether you are a long-time church goer or you’ve never attended a service, whether you are a strong believer or you are just exploring and trying to figure it all out, whether you have put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ or you are skeptical about the things of God, we want to see your face. You will be greeted at the door with warmth and enthusiasm, friends will gladly assist you in finding a comfortable seat, and after the service you will have the opportunity meet others and ask any questions you may have.

We know from our own experiences that it takes courage to try out a church. We invite you to visit a worship service, a small group class, or a Wednesday night prayer time and see what we’re all about. Our prayer is that by doing so, you would be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus Christ!