The Story of Grace!

Grace Community Church was established as Grace Baptist Church more than 60 years ago and has remained in its same location over the years.  Our founding mission to love God and others has never changed therefore, we added “community” to the church’s name in order to remind ourselves and others of our true purpose. 
Mission and Vision
The mission of Grace Community Church is to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. The vision of our church is to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all the nations by means of missionary activity and support, to minister the ordinances, to edify believers, and to do all that is sovereignly possible and biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus.

‚ÄčCurrent goals and initiatives
Grace church has been an institution in its community for more than 60 years! As the years have passed, times have changed. While we know and firmly believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more, we certainly know that the world changes constantly around us. It is our number one goal to be present, relevant, and engaging to Lombard and the surrounding communities. To offer groups, programs and services that both reflect and speak to the needs of our community, and to embrace change in a way that engages people and continues to glorify our God. 

These are lofty goals. We are not unaware of the difficulties that organized religion has faced in recent years but we know without a single doubt that the Church was created by God and instituted by Jesus Christ. We know that it is a major force in any community and provides its people with hope, care, strength, confidence and a sense of belonging. From our youngest church participants to our most senior, we are confident of what church attendance and membership can do!

In order to explore and facilitate change that would attract and retain many people who searching for truth and love, Grace Community Church has embarked on a journey to refresh and renew ourselves, and to become re-known in our community. Come and join us as we minister to folks in a deep and real way. 

WE are Waiting for YOU!